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STAREAST Virtual+ 2020 - Keynotes

Wednesday, May 6

Open Raven

Return to the Circus: A Retrospective on Software Security

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 8:30am to 9:45am

Security issues seem to be all over the news—if it’s not another leak of millions of people’s personal data, it’s how hackers are subverting elections, company intel, and just maybe critical infrastructure. We’re encouraged to look back and perform retrospectives after delivering products, so how about we look back at the early days of security? Mike Andrews will review his past STAREAST presentations on security to see how they—and the testing techniques prescribed—held up. Through examples of server misconfigurations, SQL injection, and simple logic attacks, we’ll time-travel through...

Riot Games

Wait, You Can Test That? The Art of Testing Art and the Science of Testing Fun

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:00am

“You just can’t test that!” If you’ve spent any time in software development, you’ve probably heard some variation of that phrase. You may have even fallen into the trap of thinking it yourself. But is the idea that some things just can’t be tested actually true? Hailing from the chaotic world of video games development, Jane Jeffers believes the answer to that is an emphatic “No!” Join her as she shares different ways Riot Games has approached quality assurance on the popular multiplayer online game League of Legends, from the art of testing art to the science of testing fun. Jane...

Lightning Keynotes

Lightning Strikes the Keynotes

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Throughout the years, Lightning Talks have been a popular part of the STAR conferences. If you’re not familiar with the concept, Lightning Talks consists of a series of five-minute talks by different speakers within one presentation period. Lightning Talks are the opportunity for speakers to deliver their single biggest bang-for-the-buck idea in a rapid-fire presentation. And now, lightning has struck the STAR keynotes. Some of the best-known experts in testing will step up to the podium and give you their best shot of lightning. Get multiple keynote presentations for the price of one—and...

Thursday, May 7

Raj Subrameyer
ChaiLatte Consulting

Viewing Software through the Lens of AI

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 8:30am to 9:30am

The positive effects of AI are already being realized in many industries, and many of these benefits were not possible just a few years ago. There is, however, a downside of using AI: It can quickly impact our data security, privacy and introduce biases if we do not pay attention to how the AI models are trained. Currently, the working of AI models are a black box, and engineers often do not control or understand how the algorithm forms relationships or makes decisions. We just provide the training data sets, monitor the learning and progress, and the algorithms make predictions on future...


Why Quality Engineering Deserves a Seat at the Leadership Table

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Where does quality assurance fit in your organization? Is it embedded in development, risk, or another area, or is it an equal partner with equal decision-making? Quality assurance is often seen as a cost reduction center that is simply a validation unit—and the most often squeezed for time to ensure product delivery. But what if that could change? With the advent of digital transformation and a plethora of intelligent products available in the market, consumers have numerous options, and even the slightest glitch can cause them to shift their brands. Quality, trust, and experience have...