STAREAST 2022 Concurrent Session : How to Manage Multiple Test Environments in a Hyperconnected Cloud World


Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

How to Manage Multiple Test Environments in a Hyperconnected Cloud World

The advent of the cloud came to give us testing superpowers: one properly configured Kubernetes file and one can easily spin up a bunch of Docker containers that faithfully represent the production environment. However, with ease of use comes abuse, and the proliferation of test environments is beginning to be a real headache to many organizations, both in terms of management and cost. Abraham has suffered this first hand, and from his experience at the trenches a number of strategies have materialized: universal feature flags, meta-automation, and test environment rationalization. These techniques will allow you detect when you have overlapping and superfluous testing efforts, introducing the opportunity for cost savings, all while making sure your suite of tests environments remains flexible enough so as to take into account the different needs at different development stages. With these strategies you’ll feel confident that your test environments give you what you reed, but no more.

Abraham Marin-Perez
Equal Experts

Abraham Marín-Pérez is a Java programmer, consultant, author, and public speaker with more than ten years of experience in a variety of industries. Originally from Valencia, Spain, Abraham has built most of his career in London, UK, working with entities like JP Morgan or the United Kingdom’s Home Office, frequently in collaboration with Equal Experts. Thinking his experiences could be useful to others, Abraham became a Java news editor at InfoQ, authored “Real-World Maintainable Software”, and co-authored “Continuous Delivery in Java”. He also helps run the London Java Community. Always the learner, Abraham is currently studying a degree in Physics.