STAREAST 2023 Industry Presentation : Mock, Stub, or Virtualize… Let’s Shift Left


Thursday, May 4, 2023 - 9:45am to 10:30am

Mock, Stub, or Virtualize… Let’s Shift Left

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Today, everybody is tasked with integrations. We must integrate our product with EVERY system, component, and operating system under the sun. Unfortunately, it might not be desirable or even possible to access those systems during development. There could be security, performance or maintenance issues that make them unavailable. We see teams having dependencies on services owned by other groups which are not accessible, which halts development.

This is when we mock, stub, or virtualize.

Learn how to shift left and start building realistic virtual services. Learn how to enable parallel development and test. Learn how to delete dependencies here! 

Learning Objectives:

  • What is mocking, and how does it support different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle?
  • What are the common use cases for mocking, and how does it benefit my workflow?
  • How to make realistic mocks, and modified downstream behavior.
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Corey Vernon


Corey Vernon, Senior Solutions Engineer, has specialized in end-to-end software testing and automation during his time with SmartBear. Building and testing software from different companies using many technologies, has provided him a unique view into the insights of the software development lifecycle. Outside of work, Corey is an avid reader and sports enthusiast.