STAREAST 2021 - Effective and Efficient Mobile Testing in an Agile Environment | Keynote by Dynatrace Industry Technical Presentation | TechWell


Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 3:00pm to 3:45pm

Effective and Efficient Mobile Testing in an Agile Environment | Keynote by Dynatrace Industry Technical Presentation

If it were easy to produce high-quality mobile apps, everyone would be doing it. But mobile development is tough. Consumers expect constant enhancements and a great experience on an ever-growing variety of devices. Many mobile app development teams are turning to agile to meet the time-to-market and quality demands of their customers. But these same teams often focus on changing the development (coding) process, and neglect the testing. In this session, we’ll discuss and show real examples of how to best carry out the major phases of testing within the mobile agile process, including unit testing, build acceptance testing, regression testing, and exploratory or negative testing.

  • Learn how best to perform unit testing, build acceptance testing, regression testing, negative tests, and exploratory testing for mobile apps
  • Design your test strategy with optimal device selection
  • Use a cloud-based mobile testing tool with both automated and manual tests to speed the agile processes
  • Integrate testing activities with development and deployment tools
Rachel Obstler
Keynote Mobile Testing | SIGOS

Rachel Obstler has over 15 years in the mobile industry, with experience working for companies ranging in size from startups to multinational corporations. She is currently responsible for the Keynote Mobile Testing and Monitoring business at Dynatrace. She most recently was the VP of Product Management at Keynote, before it was merged with Dynatrace, and at DeviceAnywhere, before it was acquired by Keynote. She also managed the wireless data quality products at Telephia, Inc. (now part of Nielsen), and has experience working with various wireless technology companies, including Metawave Communications (smart antenna technology) and Lucent Technologies (now part of Nokia). Rachel began her mobile career at Lucent Technologies, where she managed and launched a billion dollar product line of CDMA Base Stations. Rachel holds a BS in Management Science from MIT and an MBA from Stanford University.


Eric Elkins
Keynote by Dynatrace

Eric Elkins is a Solutions Consultant at Keynote by Dynatrace where he leads the scoping and defining of Keynote’s Mobile Testing and Monitoring solutions for enterprise customers. He has worked with small and large companies alike, including Fortune 100 and multinational organizations. Eric has experience working with all levels of individuals within an organization and helping to define the value of Keynote’s world class mobile testing and monitoring solutions. Eric is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Telecommunication, Information, and Media. He currently resides with his wife and son in Detroit, Michigan.