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Cygnet.One (platinum 2023)

Cygnet.One (formerly known as Cygnet Digital) is a global leader in Digital Quality Engineering, driving transformation through Next-Gen Technologies. With a consultative approach, we offer business solutions that enable our clients move to the next stage of digital maturity. With over 23 years of expertise, our unique approach optimizes technological investments for maximum yield, ensuring Quality at Epicentre across digital stacks. Integrating AI/ML and Gen AI, alongside our codeless automation tool TestingWhiz, we drive exceptional business growth by delivering exceptional quality solutions. Apart from Quality Engineering, Test automation, ERP & Cloud Optimization, we also specialize in Product Engineering and are experts at enabling Business process transformation in the tax & finance space. Operating from 6 countries and serving 35 countries worldwide, we have been Living the Trust of 1000+ enterprise clients for more than 2 decades.

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