STAREAST 2017 Tutorial: Zero Defects: The Holy Grail


Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Zero Defects: The Holy Grail

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Defects … the bane of our existence and yet the reason we put food on the table. A world without defects is the ultimate Holy Grail—something we want very much but is very difficult to achieve. Jennifer Scandariato says that zero defects are not about perfection. It’s about every member of the organization understanding that processes must be improved. It’s about reworking flawed or defective systems to improve efficiencies, quality, and results, and to provide customers with the very best products or services. Join Jennifer to explore how you can create a culture of prevention. Discover how you can teach your team to prevent defects with automation defect effectiveness. See how to use risk-based regression to improve effectiveness and save your company money. Jennifer shares her company’s new approach to re-engineering and improving its processes to proactively prevent defects, so the team can focus on the user experience and building rich features, products, and services. 


Jennifer Scandariato is the director of test engineering and leads the Women in Technology initiative at iCIMS, the leading provider of innovative software-as-a-service talent acquisition solutions. Jennifer has more than twenty-one years of experience developing technical solutions to drive growth and profitability while increasing customer satisfaction through high quality and overall engineering effectiveness. She is a frequent keynote speaker at schools, as well as women and leadership conferences in the New York metropolitan area.