STAREAST 2020 Tutorial: Driving Lessons for Test Automation Managers


Monday, April 29, 2019 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Driving Lessons for Test Automation Managers

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In order to support their automation team effectively, test managers must be able to recognize when the team is taking a ‘bad’ turn and know how to steer it back, or, when starting, know how to do things right from the very beginning. They don’t need to know all the technicalities, but they must know the basics of good automation and be able to explain to higher management what automation can or cannot deliver in order to secure and sustain their support. In this tutorial Seretta Gamba introduces the Test Automation Patterns Wiki and explains in detail the patterns test managers need to know such as setting clear goals, doing one or more pilots, setting standards and why testware architecture and levels of abstraction are important in achieving maintainable tests.

Seretta Gamba

Seretta Gamba has forty years’ experience in development and fifteen in test automation. After going through all the usual developer roles, in 2001 she was put in charge of test automation for her current company. She developed a framework that enabled her company to quickly get excellent results. After having talked about the framework at a couple of conferences, she met Dorothy Graham and was invited to write a chapter in the book Experiences of Test Automation. With Dorothy she has been developing the Test Automation Patterns Wiki and together they have just published a story book about the patterns.