STAREAST 2019 Industry Presentation : A Strategic Approach to Digital Commerce Testing


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

A Strategic Approach to Digital Commerce Testing

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Software quality assurance for large-scaled projects is a challenge
due to the technical complexities that arise. Such challenges include
lack of familiarity with existing or new systems, simultaneous
roll-outs of multinational sites and project management issues
concerning diverse backgrounds and involved stakeholders. To get a
closer look at some of these challenges, we detail our experience with
delivering a large-scale multinational e-commerce project and discuss
a strategic approach to mitigating these challenges and successfully
rolling-out the project.

Alan Ip

Alan Ip is a senior consultant at Wisewires USA INC, a leading
software test company headquartered in South Korea. He is responsible
for providing consultancy to U.S. clients in improving software
quality. He has over twenty years of experience in software
integration and quality assurance of telecommunication and business
systems, with organizations such as Nortel, Nokia, Qualcomm and Sierra
Wireless. He holds master degrees in Business Administration, in
Computer Science and in Engineering Management. He is also an ASQ
Certified Software Quality Engineer.