STAREAST 2018 Industry Presentation : 5 Stages of Digital Quality Maturity


Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 1:45pm to 2:30pm

5 Stages of Digital Quality Maturity

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Nowadays many dev/test teams are finding themselves in a challenging situation where innovation has to accelerate (to meet competitive pressure), agile release cycles shorten to 2-3 weeks, and user expectation for quality digital apps is only rising. Quality activities don't seem to fit into an agile cycle, flaky tests, lack of access to devices and browsers, significant analysis time etc. Many organizations find themselves with a legacy quality approach that is impossible to maintain, flaky, and doesn't fit itself into the agile approach. How to address this deadlock? Organizations need to consider the quality effort in sprint as another agile oriented activity. In this talk we will discuss pragmatic steps to establish a solid devOPS quality practice, such as, how to stabilize a regression test, how to ensure your lab is always on and provides authentic test result, how to drive trust and collaboration with developers, how to expand right to include product insight using open source tools etc. In this session Amir will describe what are the main challenges teams are experiencing in this transition and offer pragmatic steps to accomplish this daunting task.


Amir Rozenberg


At Perfecto Amir Rozenberg is the director of product management, responsible for core product strategy. Amir has pioneered mobile quality practices to extend the service across the application lifecycle. He has extensive experience in the digital industry with expertise in areas of application development, testing, delivery, and monitoring. Previously, Amir led the mobile monitoring practice at Gomez/Compuware. Prior to Compuware he led the founding of Adva Mobile, a direct-to-fan mobile marketing startup, and held various leadership positions at Groove Mobile, Nextcode Corp., and others. Find Amir on Twitter and LinkedIn.