STAREAST 2017 Industry Technical Presentation - Sprint’s Testing Transformation: A case study in testing in the digital age | TechWell


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 1:45pm to 2:30pm

Sprint’s Testing Transformation: A case study in testing in the digital age

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CA Technologies

Sprint is going through a testing transformation. Like most organizations, their testing department is expected to deliver results at higher velocity and quality, yet with 50% less resources. While testing must become more agile, they look at testing as a critical step in their journey to achieve continuous delivery. To make this a reality, Sprint is turning to value-added solutions to provide synthetic generation of test data to reduce time-wasting processes, and to optimize their test cases to realize maximum test coverage. See how Sprint is accomplishing these goals to make sure their continuous testing practices become a powerful enabler to speed testing cycles and overall quality.

Aaron Haehn


Aaron Haehn is the Director of Sprint’s Quality Assurance and Release team which is currently redefining the measure of quality and how it is achieved within Sprint. Aaron has been with Sprint for 23 years where he has witnessed quality control, testing methodologies and release delivery mechanisms take on many different forms with varying effectiveness. He has thrived within Sprint working on every aspect within the IT Lifecycle from raised floor, operational activities, software development, support and strategies to align Sprint’s IT organization with the shifting demands of the telecommunication industry.