STAREAST 2020 Industry Presentation : Messing Up Your APIs and How to Fix Them


Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Messing Up Your APIs and How to Fix Them

Presented by: 
HCL Technologies

HCL Software’s OneTest team was tasked with a challenge — creating a new, server-based platform for testers, while including a range of open REST-based APIs.

Despite years of experience testing other peoples’ APIs, not everyone on the team understood what it took to build an externally facing API.

Hear about our failures at building understandable, performant and testable APIs, and how we actively changed our culture to facilitate better communication between the API developers and consumers. Also learn how we incorporated testability into our process so that we co easily test our own product.


Marianne Hollier

HCL Software

An Open Group Master Certified IT specialist in application development, Marianne Hollier has strong, practical expertise in measurably improving the software development lifecycle and driving the necessary cultural changes to make it work. Marianne is instrumental in architecting, tailoring, and deploying best practices and appropriate software development tools on many types of projects—from large to small, long to fast-track, agile to traditional. Marianne is passionate about all things testing—process, tools, culture, and automation. Her broad-based experience spans both custom projects and standard software packages that apply to pharmaceutical, refining, telecommunications, healthcare, financial, automotive, government, and retail industries.

Chris Haggan

Christopher Haggan

HCL Technologies

Chris Haggan is HCL Software’s Product Manager for Functional and Performance Test Automation. He is a member of the World Wide Testing team with more than 15 years in the integration testing and service virtualization space. He has worked with numerous clients ensuring that when they modernize and connect their disparate IT systems be it through EAI, SOA or API's, they are successful and efficient.