STAREAST 2020 Industry Presentation : How AI is Revolutionizing Software Test Automation


Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

How AI is Revolutionizing Software Test Automation

Presented by: 
Micro Focus

Test Automation is considered one of the key aspects to deliver the speed and reliability of any continuous delivery pipeline and yet organizations recognize that on average 20-30% of their testing is fully automated. When asked about their major challenges to increasing automation coverage, the lack of proper skill sets combined with the cost of building and maintaining automation assets are at the top of the priority list.
In this session, learn how Micro Focus is using Artificial Intelligence to deliver revolutionary advances in functional testing that will enable testers to easily keep up with the speed of application changes across multiple devices and platforms while reducing the cost of building and maintaining automation assets.

Eran Bachar

Micro Focus

Eran leads the product vision and strategy for functional testing within Micro Focus. He has over 15 years’ industry experience in enterprise software development, leading cross functional teams with a solid background in both research and development , quality assurance and product management. Throughout his career he has helped global organizations successfully adopt development and testing best practices and routinely speaks on a broad range of test and quality topics.

Eran is passionate about working with companies worldwide to help them execute on their DevOps and cloud transformation projects as well as developing functional test solutions that address emerging customer needs with a specific focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management and computer science from The Open University of Israel.

Archie Roboostoff

Micro Focus

Archie leads the product management team for the Performance and Functional Test portfolio within Micro Focus. Archie has more than 20 years’ experience in the enterprise software industry and is focused on delivering solutions that take into account the overall developer and user experience. Prior to this role, Archie was responsible for the software, delivery, and testing solutions acquired through the acquisition of Borland. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from University of California Santa Barbara.