STAREAST 2018 Industry Presentation : Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing


Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 3:00pm to 3:45pm

Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing

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Digital disruption is omnipresent. Organizations are being asked more than ever before to constantly reinvent their businesses at the speed of ideas and to keep their customers at their epicenter at the same time. Venerable companies have become comfortable breaking down silos, changing cultural norms, and driving efficiency at all costs to always be one step ahead of their competition. It is no longer the strongest that survives—nor the most intelligent. It’s those who are most adaptable to change. Change seems to be the only constant and today’s currency for staying competitive.

In this exclusive presentation, Ingo Philipp will share how this disruption has reached software testing, and why testers cannot afford to be a bottleneck in today’s accelerated release cycles. The good news is that transformative methodologies like Continuous Testing are empowering testers to take their roles and contributions to software quality and user experience to new heights. Attendees will learn what Continuous Testing is, what it isn't, and proven approaches for introducing Continuous Testing in any industry—no matter what current testing processes and technologies are in place.

Responding to change faster than the competition has become mandatory in today’s business world; Continuous Testing is how to make that need a reality.


Ingo Philipp


Ingo Philipp is a passionate and award-winning Exploratory Testing and Agile thought leader, with a resume of speaking engagements that span the globe. In his roles as Tricentis’ Distinguished Evangelist and a product manager, his responsibilities range from product development and product marketing to test management, test conception, test design, test automation, and sharing his rich perspectives and stories with the world. His experiences with software testing embrace the application of agile testing as well as classical testing methodologies in various sectors including financial services, consumer goods, commercial services, healthcare, materials, telecommunications, and energy. You can follow him on Linkedin or Twitter @IngoPhilipp