STAREAST 2017 Industry Technical Presentation - Case Study: Agile Performance Testing with CI/CD and APM | TechWell


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

Case Study: Agile Performance Testing with CI/CD and APM

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A critical challenge in transitioning to CI/CD is creating a flexible testing environment that moves the focus from test support teams to IT infrastructure, DevOps, and automation tools. We’ll share a case study from a multi-billion-dollar organization previously using a legacy tool to manually run load tests, but needed a solution to automate and scale the testing process. 

Everything below was configured, tested, and deployed in a secure on-premise solution within 5 months of the initial engagement. Manual testing time dropped from around 120 hours per quarter to 0 hours! While the time to create, and maintain scenarios also dropped compared to the previous solution. This resulted in net savings of over 500 man hours of testing and scripting every year. Additionally, total testing cost per release is estimated to run 50% lower, allowing the global company to recoup switching costs in year 2.

After this presentation, you’ll understand

  • The importance of automation and continuous load testing
  • Presenting the CI/CD integrations Apica offers (and the open AP)
  • How APM enables load testing to be more efficient
  • A look at APM integrations: specifically, DynaTrace
Johan Sandberg

Johan Sandberg


Johan works closely with customers to receive feedback and develop Apica performance products. An important aspect is an adoption of performance testing and the products to CI/CD.