STAREAST 2020 Industry Presentation : Camelot - How can you achieve usage based Feature/regression testing?


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Camelot - How can you achieve usage based Feature/regression testing?

Usage based testing allows control over when a software regression test is carried out, what regression techniques are used, how often it is carried out, at what cost and with guaranteed execution. Usage based testing is analogous to cloud based usage models for infrastructure in the cloud via services like AWS, Google cloud, Azure etc., except that it is aimed at the testing space rather than at infrastructure.

One of the key issues is deciding which testing technique should be used and when it should be used in regression/feature testing. Also, which technique is the alternative (plan b,c,d etc.) that should be used when the primary technique fails.This will be the focus of this talk and will be based on data that has been gathered in performing hundreds of thousands of test case executions and finding thousands of defects.

Usage based testing is a viable and achievable new method. It gives the modern QA team the flexibility to grow and scale back on demand increasing quality and reducing catastrophic failures in production. Webomates patented range of offerings from tool suite to full regression service allows QA teams to scale up and down their needs with far greater flexibility, scale, speed and with significantly lower overall cost.


Aseem Bakshi


Aseem Bakshi is the Founder and CEO of Webomates. He founded Webomates to solve a problem that he had faced after many years R&D leadership. He was unable to find a solution in the market that satisfied his requirements of Guaranteed Execution - guaranteed time ( under 24 hours) and guaranteed completion every test case every time, at scale and at a reasonable price point.