STAREAST 2021 Concurrent Session : A Winning Approach To Test Automation that Guarantees Both Speed and Quality


Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 3:45pm to 4:45pm

A Winning Approach To Test Automation that Guarantees Both Speed and Quality

• Adopting easy-to-use codeless yet powerful automation tool
• Minimizing the number of tools and technologies to learn (Unified approach)
• Keeping the bricks of automation (test steps, test data, interfaces to DB, UI, etc.) separate yet glued
• Thinking in steps and foundations as opposed to scenarios and flows
• Handling that which is prone to change
• Leveraging the power of AI
• Starting small, winning fast, exploiting the learnings
• Letting technology do most of the heavy lifting (Auto Test Generation, CI/CD, Auto Bug Logging, Auto Healing)
• Automating with reusability in mind
• Automate once, test many times over (with different data, on different platforms, different devices, different language, or as part of different use cases)

AgreeYa Solutions

Ramna Sharma is the CPO of BeatBlip, Agreeya’s All-in-one Continuous Test Automation product. Her 25 years of industry experience includes founding multiple tech ventures and building innovative technologies including one that was acquired by Google. Ramna is passionate about solving complex business problems and bringing efficiencies and quality at all levels through processes, technology, automation, and above all exceptional teams. She holds multiple patents across diverse domains and had the privilege to work for organizations like Motorola, Oracle, and Google before venturing into the entrepreneurial and startup world. At AgreeYa, she’s focused on making BeatBlip a greater impact player in the software testing space.