STAREAST 2017 Concurrent Session - Testing in the New Digital World: Digital Assurance | TechWell


Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Testing in the New Digital World: Digital Assurance

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The software landscape is evolving rapidly to deliver higher quality software at an ever greater pace. Testing must keep up, and that means moving away from a traditional core IT approach. Shifting to an adaptive IT model calls for new practices that encourage accelerated communication, collaboration, integration, measurement, and automation. Whether you label this digital transformation or not, understanding the details of the journey is an essential part of every organization's criteria in becoming a digital enterprise. Join Julie Gardiner and Jonathon Wright as they explore what digital transformation is, its complexity and risks, what Digital Assurance is from the process view, and how models are becoming the heart of testing. Using recent case studies, Julie and Jonathon share lessons learned and tips for making your journey a success. Whether you’re thinking of starting your digital journey or are already on your way, this thought-provoking session will help you establish the Digital Assurance needs for your organization.

CA Technologies

Julie Gardiner is a pragmatic, practical, and people-driven leader, specializing in testing, agile, and quality. An enthusiastic and passionate speaker, her presentations worldwide come from real-world experiences in her more than twenty-five years in the industry. As product management director at CA Technologies, Julie is able to influence software quality in tools and products that are meaningful to the testing domain. Previously Julie was head of testing and implementation for a well-known UK bank, and director of digital engineering and TQA for a consulting company.

Jonathon Wright
CA Technologies

A strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist, Jonathon Wright specializes in emerging technologies, innovation, and automation. With more than fifteen years of international commercial experience in global organizations, Jonathon is director of digital assurance at CA Technologies R&D, based in Oxford, England. He combines his practical experience and leadership with insights into real-world applications of DevOps, automation, and Digital Engineering (Smart Cities, IoT, and AI). Jonathon is the author of several award-winning books on test automation, as well as numerous podcasts, training courses, and webinars.