STAREAST 2021 Concurrent Session : Telling a Product's Quality Story Through Visualizations


Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 3:45pm to 4:45pm

Telling a Product's Quality Story Through Visualizations

Do you want to replace that boring spreadsheet of results with a great story to convey quality? Or perhaps learn how to represent those complex quality metrics in simplified graphical ways? Extracting the necessary information upfront and following a hierarchy can help tell your app’s quality story. Gathering the right answers and drawing patterns also promotes driving better products and improving decision making for clients, developers, pms, and stakeholders. Join Kanika Rehani as she shows you how to better tell your product’s quality story through visualizations. She will explore UI design techniques with you and characteristics that guide you in pulling out key data insights.  Kanika will share tips that can help you create useful quality dashboards that are more visually appealing. Let's start the story!

Kanika Rehani photo

Kanika Rehani is a Principal Designer at An SVA alumni, she previously held a lead design role at Hearst, Inc.’s Emerging Tech team (focusing on Voice AI for Amazon Alexa apps). Kanika also drove design for BranchOut, Oyster, CondéNast Portfolio, NYMag, She has a design background in multimodal ecosystems such as voice, mobile, desktop, and kiosks.