STAREAST 2020 Concurrent Session : Self-Healing Automation for Low-Maintenance Tests


Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Self-Healing Automation for Low-Maintenance Tests

What if you could write your tests in such a way that when the elements change, your tests would automatically update? The webpages of an application change a lot throughout the life of a software application. Each developer implements the structure of a web page differently. In addition, sometimes different technology is brought in to replace the previous way of implementing it, or the pages are redesigned for a slightly different user experience. When this happens, you might spend a lot of time updating your automated tests—but what if you didn't have to? Nick Baynham will share how he successfully implemented self-healing automation in his tests. You will learn to apply techniques to page factories in order to automatically discover the elements you want to interact with, use open-source class libraries to build your own self-healing capabilities, and contribute your own techniques to the project. Discover how to rapidly develop test suites that require lower maintenance and achieve greater stability.

Nick Baynham
Frontline Insurance

Nick Baynham has more than 30 years of testing and automation experience. He has served in a range of industries, from the mission-critical medical devices field to telecommunications to insurance. He designs and implements automation frameworks to achieve world-class performance and contribute to the field by providing teaching and training. He believes that the exciting field of test automation is open for innovation, research, and continued enhancement through AI and machine learning toward specialized model-based testing techniques. In his spare time he enjoys composing music, sailing, and experimenting with the internet of things.