STAREAST 2017 Concurrent Session - Owning Quality: The Culture of Empowerment at Riot Games | TechWell


Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 9:45am to 10:45am

Owning Quality: The Culture of Empowerment at Riot Games

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At Riot Games, the League of Legends team faces the challenge of delivering content patches to a global audience on a tight timeline—every two weeks. By employing the tenets of the company’s core values (the Riot Manifesto), QA representatives work to ensure the highest possible quality player experience by working closely with developers in dynamic and challenging embedded roles. Jane Jeffers describes the five parts of the Riot Manifesto—Player Experience First; Challenge Convention; Focus on Talent and Team; Take Play Seriously; and Stay Hungry, Stay Humble—and how each is interpreted and applied in QA. She shares some obstacles the Riot QA organization has faced related to these components, and how they have overcome them. Riot QA representatives are trusted as champions of the players and are directly accountable as Quality Owners for the products their teams deliver. Learn how Riot has fostered this strong culture of autonomy and empowerment, and how Riot QA reps have a direct, positive impact—on not only the quality of the overall League of Legends product but also the quality of the development process.

Riot Games, Inc.

A QA architect on League of Legends at Riot Games, Jane Jeffers has more than seven years in the games industry. Before moving into the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), she worked on multi-platform AAA RTS titles such as the Battle for Middle Earth II and Command & Conquer 3. As a content specialist on League of Legends, Jane has built much of the QA process around features that allow players to personalize their experience, fusing her previous black box testing background with a qualitative approach in the agile arena.