STAREAST 2024 Concurrent Session : Managing Test Data in Enterprise Environments


Thursday, May 2, 2024 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

Managing Test Data in Enterprise Environments

Managing test data is hard. Managing test data in complex, distributed, poorly documented, and organization-spanning enterprise software is substantially harder. In enterprise systems test data is convoluted, hidden, and hard to synthesize, the test environments it flows through are shared and unstable, and the test scenarios dependent on it are long and complex. These challenges combine to cripple many test automation efforts in enterprise software. In this talk Blake Norrish will describe what an optimal test data management strategy looks like, how the nature of enterprise software prevents this, then show how the concepts of data sourcing, data lifecycle management, data location, architectural decomposition, and hermetic sealing can be used to help mitigate these challenges. With the necessary understanding of and investment in test data management, deterministic test automation should be possible even in the most complex enterprise software.

Slalom, Inc.

Blake Norrish can’t believe software actually works. Millions of instructions written by thousands of people, many of whom will never meet and are often separated by oceans or decades, shoved into silicon only nanometers wide and executed in billionths of a second. He is convinced there is sorcery involved and has dedicated his career to solving the challenges of likely-not-working software. He started as a Software Architect In Test at Expedia then became a consultant for Thoughtworks. He now helps clients design, implement, and deploy test and automation strategies as a leader in Slalom Builds Quality Engineering capability.