STAREAST 2017 Concurrent Session - The Lost Art of Acceptance Testing | TechWell


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

The Lost Art of Acceptance Testing

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Acceptance testing is often thought of as the little brother of system testing and, in many projects, it ends up as a little phase at the end. Having worked in system testing for most of her testing career, Bettina Faldborg found it was a bigger jump than you might think to move to acceptance testing. She had this overwhelming urge to test it ALL. Like most testers, she did not assume that what has been tested before was done well enough, but that is one of the preconditions to accept going into an acceptance test. With regard to acceptance testing Bettina presents four basic principles to remember—know your scope, know your test design techniques, know your testers, and know your suppliers. These four principles can be used in most test phases but using them for acceptance test requires a different spin. Let Bettina be your guide as she shares the lost art of acceptance testing and offers easy to follow advice on how to tackle your next acceptance test.

Capgemini Sogeti Denmark A/S

Bettina Faldborg was a project manager before she ended up as a test consultant in the testing field almost by chance. With a passion for testing and quality, she may have entered testing by chance but quickly discovered that testing is the field for her. With Capgemini Sogeti Denmark since 2008, Bettina has been a test manager with clients in the financial and public sectors. Her time as a consultant has included traditional system test, acceptance test, and usability test. She is currently a test manager at a large telecom company.