STAREAST 2024 Concurrent Session : Fundamentals of Kubernetes Performance Testing


Thursday, May 2, 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Fundamentals of Kubernetes Performance Testing

Migrating an existing application to a Kubernetes-based service architecture introduces an entirely new set of performance testing challenges that demand careful consideration. In this presentation, join Matthew to identify issues encountered with performance testing apps as they migrate from existing architectures onto cloud-native and Kubernetes. The session will explore: 1) The delicate balance between performance and correctness when dealing with applications at "internet" scale. 2) The unexpected impact of the Kubernetes auto-scaler and how it can influence the behavior of your application during load fluctuations. 3) Strategies for decomposing monolithic systems into more manageable, testable services—a crucial step for efficient performance testing in a Kubernetes environment, as it allows for isolated testing of individual components before assessing the system as a whole. Attendees will gain insights into identifying and addressing subtle issues that affect both speed and reliability due to Kubernetes' dynamic nature and container orchestration, without sacrificing correctness. Join Matthew to learn practical strategies for navigating the intricate world of performance testing in a Kubernetes-based service architecture, and ensure your applications excel in the cloud-native era.


Matthew LeRay has invested the past 25 years improving the performance of applications across multiple generations of technology. Prior to co-founding Speedscale, he was head of product at Observe, SVP at CA Technologies (acquired by Broadcom) and engineering leader at ILC (acquired by General Dynamics). He is an alumnus of Georgia Tech in both Computer Engineering and Business. His first love is debugging Golang code but he occasionally takes a break to craft hand carved guitars.