STAREAST 2020 Concurrent Session : Full-Coverage Testing in Small-Business Environments


Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Full-Coverage Testing in Small-Business Environments

In small-business environments, testing is often completed in hindsight—or overlooked entirely. Chad Jung, Curtis Severance, and Kaleb Weddle will discuss the struggles and successes of ensuring a quality product from the perspectives of a developer, lead software test engineer, and software engineer in test working together on a DevOps team. They will show how to use an automated build pipeline, how to bring it all together for your team, and how to leverage developers who know the in and outs of the code better than anyone. They will discuss the pressures of releasing faster and the importance of unit testing, including which unit testing approaches work and which do not. They'll speak about how they tackled automation tests for functional and regression testing, as well as the tools they used—those that failed and those that succeeded. You'll realize the importance of continuous regression testing and why user feedback is critical to success.

Renaissance Electronic Services

Chad Jung is a Lead Software Test Engineer for Renaissance Electronic Services with over ten years of software testing experience. Currently he builds relationships between Development, Testing, and Operations teams to ensure highly successful and quality products.

Renaissance Electronic Services

Curtis Severance is a Software Engineer with over seven years of software development experience for Renaissance Electronic Services. He is passionate about leading small development teams to assist software test engineers and tirelessly works to bridge the gap between engineers and testers.

Renaissance Electronic Services

Kaleb Weddle is the newest Software Engineer in Test at Renaissance Electronic Services. He has taken automation tactics from a large-scale company to a smaller business while maintaining the same level of automation coverage. In conjunction, Kaleb works with development to strengthen CI build pipelines to speed up deployment cycles at RES.