STAREAST 2024 Concurrent Session : Elevating Software Quality: Strategies for Qualifying Products Used by Millions


Thursday, May 2, 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Elevating Software Quality: Strategies for Qualifying Products Used by Millions

In the dynamic world of software development, guaranteeing top-tier product quality for a broad user base is a formidable challenge. This talk confronts this challenge head-on with a strategy to enhance software quality. Vijay will cover how to decode Minimum Viable Product (MVP) requirements, forming the bedrock of your testing strategy. Then learn how to prioritize test plan coverage aligned with these requirements for precise testing. Ensure you smoothly onboard new QA team members with a comprehensive "Quick Start Guide." This accelerates their contributions to quality assurance efforts. Next, the session will cover launching both manual and automated testing simultaneously. Automation will catch up as the product evolves, optimizing efficiency and coverage. Explore ways to elevate test reporting beyond data presentation. Empower stakeholders with actionable insights, facilitating intuitive issue comprehension and effective follow-ups. Finally Vijay will show you how to adopt a broad test execution strategy spanning diverse product features for rapid feedback. Dive deep when necessary, especially when encountering buggy features, using detailed focus testing to uncover root issues. This presentation delves into each strategy with practical insights, real-world examples, and success stories. By the session's end, you'll possess a robust framework to certify products for mass use while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Vijay Lathia
Bose Corporation

Vijay Lathia is a seasoned professional known for overseeing complete life cycles of cutting-edge consumer electronics and mobile apps, adhering to agile methodologies. His career embodies a commitment to top-tier software quality engineering, consistently delivering enterprise-grade releases from edge to core technologies. Vijay excels in crafting customer-centric test strategies, encompassing key attributes, requirements traceability, robust automation, meticulous metrics, and effective defect resolution. As a recognized subject matter expert, Vijay specializes in identifying root causes and swiftly resolving issues, elevating both product quality and team efficiency.