STAREAST 2017 Concurrent Session - Effective Test Estimation | TechWell


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

Effective Test Estimation

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We have experience with testing projects, both large and small. Sometimes our test estimates are accurate—and sometimes they’re not. We often miss deadlines because there are no defined criteria used to create our estimates. Sometimes we miss our schedules due to crunched testing timelines. Shyam Sunder briefly describes the different test estimation techniques including Simple, Medium, Complex; Top Down, Bottom Up; and Test Point Analysis. To assist in better estimating in the future, Shyam has prepared test estimation templates and guidelines, which can significantly help organizations in proper estimation of testing projects. Through his work, effort and schedule variations have significantly improved from ±60 percent to ±2 percent. Shyam explains the test estimation templates in detail and demonstrates how to choose the estimation templates for your organization’s software development process. Learn why effective software test estimation techniques help in tracking and controlling cost/effort overruns significantly.

Sidra Medical and Research Center

A PMP® Certified Project Manager with 19 years of IT experience, Shyam Sunder is currently working at Sidra Medical & Research Center (Qatar) and has worked in various reputed organizations like Dell, United Health Group, HCL etc. previously. Shyam’s strengths are in the areas of Project Management, Software Quality, and Client relationship management. He has been actively involved in IV&V along with his IT delivery projects. With his consistent track record of successful product introduction and implementation, Shyam is productive both as an individual contributor and project manager. He regularly contributes papers, presentations, and workshops to IT forums. Contact Shyam on LinkedIn and at [email protected].