STAREAST 2024 Concurrent Session : The Dark Side of Agile Metrics: Unmasking Hidden Dangers


Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

The Dark Side of Agile Metrics: Unmasking Hidden Dangers

In the ever-evolving landscape of agile software development, metrics have emerged as crucial navigational tools, guiding teams towards their goals. However, amid the brilliance of metrics lies a hidden, often misunderstood, and potentially perilous side. As we explore the uncharted side of metrics, we will unveil the misconceptions, pitfalls, and clandestine dangers lurking behind agile metrics. Delve into real-world scenarios where the relentless pursuit of vanity metrics led to the accrual of technical debt, an increase in defect density, and the demoralization of once-thriving Quality Assurance teams. Drawing upon these cautionary tales, Ashraya will explore strategies for crafting a balanced agile metrics culture that acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between velocity and software quality. This session will cover the intricacies of effective test coverage metrics, defect density analysis, and code churn, highlighting their importance in ensuring not only velocity, but also product stability and customer satisfaction. To unlock the true potential of agile metrics, cultivating a culture of high-quality agile software development that empowers teams and fuels success is crucial. Listeners will carry forward the knowledge to discern meaningful metrics from vanity metrics, actionable insights to drive software quality improvements, and strategies to align agile journeys with software excellence. Join Ashraya to illuminate the path forward and discover the metrics that truly matter in the quest for software quality and agility.

Ashraya Iyer
BOK Financial

As part of the Quality Engineering leadership at BOK Financial, Ashraya Iyer brings years of expertise and passion to the field of software quality assurance. In her illustrious career, she has been a driving force in reshaping the landscape of software quality assurance teams. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she has successfully navigated teams through complex software projects, leveraging agile methodologies, and harnessing the power of metrics. Ashraya's transformative leadership has propelled her to the forefront of the field, guiding organizations towards achieving the delicate balance between speed and quality in agile software development. A tireless advocate for informed decision-making, she empowers teams with insights, best practices, and strategies to achieve software excellence. As Ashraya's expertise continues to shape the industry, she remains dedicated to illuminating the path forward, uncovering the metrics that truly matter, and driving software quality and agility to new heights.