STAREAST 2022 Concurrent Session : Component and Contract Testing: A True Shift Left in Microservices Architectures


Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Component and Contract Testing: A True Shift Left in Microservices Architectures

Are you struggling to see the true benefit of shift left in your microservices architecture ? Do you ever wish you had some checks in place before developers would check-in their code ? Block having a build until issues/defects are fixed? If so, then the answer is to have component tests followed by contract tests. Join Yesh Veera as he teaches you how to implement and perform component testing. You'll traverse up the classic testing pyramid until you reach above component tests to discover a contract testing framework. If that hearing this excites you then come see for yourself how to implement best practices around designing and writing good component and contract tests to achieve a true shift left using microservices.

BrightInsight Inc

Yesh Veera is currently working at BrightInsight Inc, leading healthcare data IOT platform as Automation Architect. With 11+ years of experience in software testing , Automation Framework design and development , currently Yesh provides technical & people leadership, strategic direction, and sets up Automation roadmap for BrightInsights. Test Design, Designing Automation frameworks integrated with eco-system around and setting up QA processes has been his strong passion. He has a plethora of experience in Web, Mobile and have been doing platform testing from last 7 years. His experience includes working for companies like Disney, Citrix & Workday Inc.