Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Changing Lives with Software Testing: The PLATO Testing Story

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Aboriginal people across Canada face an unemployment rate more than twice the national average. Meanwhile, vacant IT positions continue to rise across the country, with an additional 218,000 new openings expected by 2020. Jarett (Jay) Nickerson shares how PLATO Testing is building a network of Aboriginal software testers across Canada to help solve these problems. Students begin with intensive lab-based training, followed by an immersive internship, and end with full-time employment at PLATO Testing as professional software testers. As this initiative grows, so does the ability to capture large testing contracts currently being sent offshore. It allows us to keep testing in North America and to work in the same time zones, in the same language, with the same standards. Jay tells the story of PLATO Testing and how an opportunity for an IT career is changing the lives of Aboriginal people, their families, and their communities across Canada. Learn about growing a business rooted in social impact, rapidly scaling a team of software testers, working fluidly with satellite offices, and shifting corporate culture.

PLATO Testing

A passionate storyteller based on the East coast of Canada, Jarett (Jay) Nickerson has been bringing simplicity and clarity to a range of industries in the past decade. With experience on the international stage spanning five continents, Jay leads business development through focused promotional efforts and on-site initiatives. He is currently spreading the story of PLATO Testing, a new initiative to bring software testing contracts back to Canada. Recognized as one of the Top 50 Leaders under 40 in Atlantic Canada in 2015, Jay holds certifications in Pragmatic Marketing and Mastering Business Development Inc. Connect with Jay via LinkedIn.