STAREAST 2024 Concurrent Session : AgileWARE Test Automation for DoD Network Testing


Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

AgileWARE Test Automation for DoD Network Testing

Join Charles Reynolds as he walks you through the experience of delivering test automation to the DoD (DISA) to facilitate rapid deployment of new releases of software and firmware for networking devices used to provide DoD networks. Additionally, the goal was to provide rapid infrastructure deployment for tier 3 support engineering to address new issues as they arose. At one point the DoD was several revisions behind in deploying to the field allowing for significant vulnerabilities in our nation’s networks. See how AgileWARE (a custom Agile Workflow And Resource Enablement COTS tool) was deployed to bring the problem under control while delivering an 85X ROI for testing velocity allowing for repeatability, reuse, and resiliency across the testing and tier 3 support groups. While enterprise level test automation is not trivial to implement in a secure environment, it can be achieved with proper processes and training as well as continuous agile feedback in the project and can deliver a large ROI to the organization. The session will cover the takeaways and learnings that can be applied to any enterprise test group wishing to automate and increase their testing velocity and support of their development and testing engineers.

Technical Systems Integrators
Charles T. Reynolds is the founder and CTO of Technical Systems Integrators, Inc. (TSI). TSI is a leading provider of Infrastructure Management solutions serving customers globally since 1987. Chuck holds a BS in Computer Science/EE from Duke University and a MS in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Chuck is a member of ITEA, AFCEA, and has over 30 years of experience in electronic design, testing, and infrastructure management tools.