STAREAST 2018 Bonus Session : What is service virtualization and are you scaling it effectively?


Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 7:15am to 8:15am

What is service virtualization and are you scaling it effectively?

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Testing is already hard, but it’s even harder when you can’t access components that are out of your control because systems are still evolving, difficult to access, difficult to scale, or difficult to configure. To solve these problems, service virtualization allows you to create, deploy, and manage simulated services for dev/test environments, all while reducing the constraints that arise from inadequate test data. In order to successfully adopt service virtualization into your organization, you need to know where to get started and how to scale. A thriving enterprise- wide deployment of service virtualization can start with a just single user, with a simple free service virtualization tool.

Join product manager Chris Colosimo as he discusses service virtualization and how to get started and scale with the technology. He will walk you through a variety of deployment options and show you how to:

  • Create powerful virtual services in your own local environment that will allow you to develop and test in isolation.
  • Enable teaming by collaborating and sharing test artifacts and tie these artifacts together with test cases and data into an environment template.
  • Implement continuous testing as part of your DevOps pipeline by dynamically deploying environments as a part of your CI process.
Chris Colosimo

Chris Colosimo is a Product Manager, with expertise in SDLC acceleration through automation. Chris strategizes product development and deployment of Parasoft’s Continuous Testing solutions (Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize and Continuous Testing Platform), across major enterprises such as CapitalOne and Care first. Being a service virtualization and API testing subject matter expert and focusing on the concept of Continuous testing at speed, he works with developers and testers to discover constraints, evolve process, and facilitate the change management required to adopt agile and DevOps principals throughout an organization. Keen to share his knowledge and vast experience he frequently writes blogs and can be followed on Linkedin.