STAREAST 2020 Bonus Session : Implement Traceability to Optimize Continuous Testing


Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Implement Traceability to Optimize Continuous Testing

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Traceability makes it possible to track the various work items across the lifecycle and verify that the original request has been fulfilled. If you’re using an Agile workflow, you may not have this incorporated into your development process. You should include forward traceability for mapping user stories with test cases, as well as backward traceability to map the test results back to the system of record. Integrating into CI/CD enables you to understand the quality of your deliverable and optimize continuous testing efforts. Join this session to learn how to leverage automated testing to streamline traceability in your Agile workflow.

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert is responsible for ensuring that Parasoft’s portfolio of test automation products deliver real value to the organizations adopting them. Working with a broad cross-section of Global 2000 customers, the Parasoft team helps DevOps teams optimize their software development processes by assessing their specific development needs, then determining how to apply Parasoft technologies, processes, and methodologies to achieve their software delivery goals.