STAREAST 2017 Bonus Session - I Don’t Believe Your Company is Agile! | TechWell


Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 7:15am to 8:15am

I Don’t Believe Your Company is Agile!

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CA Technologies

You say your company has adopted agile development practices and that may be true. But, what about your testing? How agile is that? Are you stuck in manual mode? Even if you automate parts of testing, are you doing it within each sprint? In an era where application quality defines your brand, it’s time to adopt a new testing approach that matches the speed of agile.

Today’s application economy requires software to be built faster, with fewer defects. The only way for companies to achieve this goal is through the process known as Continuous Testing. This means testing the code, build, application and customer experience non-stop, all the time. Continuous Testing makes the testing activity part of the development of an application and not an event done after code is supposedly ready. This is the only way to shift testing to the left in the development process. In-Sprint test automation is paramount. Come join us for this breakfast session to gain:

  • A better understanding of why you should adopt continuous testing practices 
  • Sure fire testing bottlenecks that will hamper the best development teams 
  • An overview of the tools required to achieve continuous testing 
  • New ways to “agilize” all aspects of your testing process to achieve continuous software delivery


Alex Martins
CA Technologies

Alex Martins is a practitioner with more than 18 years of experience in large-scale application design, development and testing. For the last 13 years Alex has been focused on software quality engineering and testing discipline. Going through all levels, from Tester to Practice Leader in various technology companies such as EDS, IBM Global Services, HP Enterprise Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions and CA Technologies, Alex built and ran several Enterprise Testing Organizations in Latin America and the US for multiple clients. He led HP’s Global Testing Innovation capability and was one of the innovation leaders in Cognizant's Mobile and IoT QA practice. More recently he joined CA Technologies to help organizations truly accelerate their Continuous Delivery pipeline by shifting left through Continuous Testing. Alex is passionate about increasing software quality through defect prevention across the entire SDLC.